anyone use nailite colored gel polish??


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May 24, 2007
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Tennessee, U.S
I have just ordered nailite gel polish. Can this be used on natural nails or just over enhancements? I have a client that wants it on her toes. If it can be used on natural toenails are there any special prep I need to do? Unfortunately I got no instructions for gel polish with my order,just instructions for the X-gel that I got from them.Hope someone can help as my client wants this ASAP. Thanks
Anybody? Surely someone has used this:suprised:
i am sure if you email them they will give you the instructions , i got some samples from them and they were really nice people , i am sure the gels they said you just do normal prep, prime and then paint on , but as i aint a big gel user i might be wrong ,
Thanks Dee:), I was a bit confused when I got the instruction sheet for the regular gel but not for the gel polish. I know some gel polish is only suppose to be used over enhancement products.Just wasn't sure about this particular brand.
For the gel polish, you do as you would with a POW.
Prep, prime/bond nails, do your full set/refill/rebalance. Cure
Then apply a thin coat (freezing between fingers), cure for 1min, then a second coat and cure for 3min.
Seal with a top gloss.

Hope this helps.


(all their gels are 1min gels, with 3min at the end)
Thanks to all! :hug:So,it would be safe to say that I really shouldn't use this on natural nails,it would be better suited for someone that wears an overlay?
Are their any companies with a soak off gel polish?
theres bio sculpture , thats a soak off :green:hth

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