Apart from here where do you go for biz/marketing advice?


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Aug 4, 2013
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I've been on this forum for a while and have noticed that quite a few people ask for business or marketing/promotional or how to get more clients advice. I thought that I would set up a website with articles and information to answer these questions and make it a place for the hair and beauty industry to get the answers.

I wanted to know where do you currently go (apart from here) for that information?

Love any comments/feedback or questions.

I'm doing a level 4 management and leadership diploma at college and I have just started the marketing unit.

I've learnt loads in just 4 hours. The fact that it's a requirement to be in a managerial position means all work in classes is always applied to our business so it is very useful.

But the marketing unit is one of 7 and the assignments are a lot of work...

There are some good books I've read which were part of the reading list. They were really informative aswell.

Jemima :)
I was quite involved with networking which I thoroughly enjoyed. I met some fantastic people and got really good advice which was free.

Unfortunately there are often a lot of people trying to sell things to you. I had a bloke virtually pounce on me as soon as he heard I was in the beauty industry. He was distributing Forever Living products. One of the many things I didn't need to be told was that a professional salon shouldn't consider direct marketing products as suitable for retail!
I had a friend who became a mentor which really helped me to make the move to my new premises. I really enjoyed networking and a full English is one of my favourite meals so for me it was a win win!

I would definitely consider going back to it in the future as I grow my business.

Vicki x

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