Are my prices too high?


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Aug 20, 2015
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I have my own little nail business in which I rent out in a hair salon. I live in a small town which only has about two nail salons in the area. My Prices are.....Full set $30, fill $20, full sets with gel color $40Gel Manicures $25 , pedicures $25 , Nail art $3 per nail, pink and whites $35...!I do not think I am that pricey and base my Prices just a bit higher than what the surrounding area charges , I also use brands such as cnd, gelish, opi, and Tammy Taylor . I always feel like everyone is trying to get something for nothing and is so frustrating. Any advise? ??
Can you upload your works that we can see how good you are.
Some of my work


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Those prices seem normal but if your competition is lower instead of matching their prices up your game. Create an experience for your client that sets you apart. Custom made all natural scrubs and soaks, essential oils in soaks, lotions, on hot towels... Learn all you can about nail safety and wellness and educate your clients. Offer quick easy nail art options for lower prices (stamping/foils) offer complimentary beverages.... And make sure your work environment is tasteful and spotless.
I agree with Sparrow. Be unique to attract attention. (and more business) When i start mine i want to make my shop simple but beautiful and homey looking. I also Plan on offering beverages as well. Water, Soda or coffee. Even the smallest things can make a HUGE difference.

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