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Sep 11, 2003
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South London
Hi Peeps,

I've been using Star Nails Acrylic and wanted to try something different and saw Attraction Acrylic on NSI, has anyone used this? What do you think of it?

Fanx :D

I use Creative L&p you should give it a go it is brilliant, also they do all kinds of funky colours in powders.

Cazza :D :D
Attraction powders are great to use but very different to star nails. NSI products are really easy to get on with but the service in my opinion lets them down.
Now if you go Creative, you have a fantastic product, brilliant teaching, excellent service and never ending advise at the end of a phone
Thanks for the advice girls, but i simply can't afford the training at the moment and correct me if i'm wrong but you can't buy creative L&P without training with them can you?

Creative's conversion is FREE!!!!

All you need is the Professional Kit £67.50 + VAT!

Good eh??
Hi Aphrodite

The conversion kit is fantastic, well worth the money. The products are brilliant, I have not even been tempted to use any others, I'm happy, my clients are happy.

Also, I had a query on the Creative Tips and emailed a lady called Debbie Davies at Designer Nails who was really helpful and supportive. Makes all the difference when you're new at this game!

Try and save, it is well worth it.

Take care.
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