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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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Over a decade ago, Gwyneth Paltrow set the Brazilian trend in motion when she declared that the NYC waxing mecca J Sisters had changed her life. In response, the Brazilian took off in a way that only a bona fide A-lister can make happen.

Now, Gwyneth has told Ellen Degeneres that she is rocking a '70s vibe' in the lady garden department and, as it turns out, so are a lot of other women. UK online pharmacy Medix has conducted a poll that shows more and more women bucking the grooming trend and moving towards a more natural look.

Medix asked 1,870 women about their intimate grooming habits and discovered that 51% do not "style or groom their pubic hair at all." Of those, 45% used to groom but could no longer be bothered and 14% thought that it was just too dang expensive (I hear ya!) and a whopping 62% said that their partners preferred the natural look.

In short (and curlies), public hair is fighting back and winning.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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I think their partners were lying when then they said they preferred the natural look! That's just gross! Brazilians, Hollywood have been secrets for years, it's only since 'celebrities' say it's ok that we threw our pants off in delight! (Well... Only some !).
That's just gross!

What a lovely way to talk about other women, women with hair exactly where nature intended it, you disgust me, get thee to a salon!!!!!! Go the sisterhood!

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