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Apr 28, 2003
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For all you beauty therapists out there........
Does anyone know what would make individual eyelash extensions go frizzy at the ends.
I have never come across this before but I have a client that it happens to at one eye only and I`m baffled
Hi Debs

This might be a daft reply - but I my friend had a similar problem.... is your client a smoker?

My friend wore some jewelled false eyelashes to a party and couldn't work out why they were all mis-shapen on one side, until I watched her light a cigarette and realised she tilted her head to the left when lighting up and we reckon the heat from the cigarette and the lighter was melting them, as it was the right eye that had gone all strange which as she tilted her head was closest to the heat!

We were extremely drunk :trashed: so it might be a complete red-herring!! :D :oops:

Hi there Tina,
Yes she does smoke, I did say thats what I thought it was but I wanted to know if anyone else had an answer that may be different.
What I couldn`t understand was if it is lighting a ciggy, then why isn`t she burning her hair?
hiya debs
i think the theory about ciggies is probably correct
the reason she's more prone to singeing her falsies than her hair, is that her falsies r synthetic, therefore more flammable!
lol liza xx
:oops: :D :D hey, look at that......I might be right!! - if only everything was that clear and easy when I'm drunk ;) ;)
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