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Jul 19, 2015
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I have a lovely beauty room available for rent but an finding it hard to find someone. Have others had problems finding someone to rent a room in a salon?
What part of Essex are you based in? X
Do you already offer botox and dermal fillers in your salon? X
No hairdressing only right now.
I have pm'd you x
I took over in December /January was a beauty only salon for a couple years before refit.
Needs someone with client base although expect clients return once room rented I still get people asking for treatments but I'm a hairdresser not beautician. Nails eyebrow eyelash massage waxing ect.
Hi I am looking for a beauty room to rent, where abouts are you based? Ill try to message you or if you could give me your contact details. I am NVQ level 3 offering huge range of treatments with specialist products including Murad, Shellac, Lash extensions etc. I'm really interested! Thanks x
Sorry room gone

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