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Feb 6, 2010
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Hi geeks,
I'm a beauty geek, working for 7years, now self-employed on a mobile basis. I've been thinking more about how I can expand my offering and client base. I've done a lot of make-up over the years and really enjoy it, so have been thinking about going into the bridal market (very big wedding destination up here in bonny Scotland!). This got me thinking that it would be great if I could do bride's hair with their make up!

I always thought hair was boring! Had v long straight hair all my young life and never knew what to do with it. Over recent years I've chopped and changed and grown it out :D and started experimenting with my own hairdos. Its hard but I realised how much I like doing my hair and how great it is having a nice 'do'.

I've read a lot about training on these forums. I did an apprenticeship in beauty (best thing I ever did), but I'm 27 now, are apprenticeships in the UK just for youngsters? (I did mine abroad) I've lived on an apprentice wage before I'm sure I could do it again lol.

I've gathered that an SVQ/NVQ is the way to go to get a broad base. My nearest college would be Forth Valley in Stirling has anybody been there? Or anywhere in Glasgow that is recommended?

Another idea I had is to sign up for a 1-day 'hair up' or 'styling' course, to see if I do really enjoy it. I'm a bit worried about signing up for a year and then thinking actually I don't really dig this. I am NOT advocating 1day or fast track courses, I think they are a useful tool for qualified therapists to further their knowledge. I was just wondering if doing one as a 'taster' could be useful to me. Got this idea after getting a flyer from Sally's with Matrix training on it, I've seen their name a lot on here and turns out they do a couple of days for 'newcomers to the industry'.

If I do get into and manage to qualify, it would also be a plus for our vague plans to move abroad in 10years or so. I reckon beauty + hair could be a good thing in this context.

Sorry for the life story geeks, thank you for reading :hug:

Air x