Beauty Therapy NVQs 1yr or under??


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Jul 26, 2010
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:) All the NVQ2 Beauty Therapy courses at my local colleges are full time for one year.

Are there other organisations that offer the NVQ part time or under a year? If so what are they like/would you recommend?

I've worked in an offer for the past 8 years and have no beauty therapy experience.
I know there are a fair few colleges in and around Manchester that offer nvq2 part time.

If you can't find anything local to you, there are training academys that offer courses in short course format.

Google Carlton Institute, this is who I'm taking my NVQ2 with.
I am doing my training through the Cottage Training Centre based in Southampton. I work full time so am doing my training around my job. The owner their Kim is really helpful and will talk through all options and costs for you if you are interested.

Because I work full time and have to fit my training around it I wanted to find the most flexible and supportive way to train whilst making sure it is really good training!! Its hard to find!!

Good luck!!


my course was also part-time fridays and saturdays. It was a college for people who can't afford to go to school full-time.
It was great as I needed to work aswell. Do some more researching I am sure you can find some part-time courses. Good luck.:)