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Feb 11, 2016
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Hello! Can you please suggest me the best combo offers I can provide for Hair to attract new customers. I have my new Salon opened shortly. and looking for some good deals to offer and get more customers.

This is my first time venture in Salon business, so seeking some expert advise here :)
free cut and finish with every colour service is always a good one. it allows you to create a fantastic look that will get your name out there for both services. and you are only giving away your time for free :) set a time limit on it though so that repeat clients will pay for both services on their next visit x
We use to give either a free blowdry or a half price cut and blowdry Monday to Wednesday with every col apart from roots.
Free treatment with colour and/or blowdry always works for us. Plus Capital Hair and Beauty have a VAT free offer on at the moment!

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