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The points mentioned by Purple Legend are so true. MMA is just one of the many issues that needs to be addressed in the nail industry. Education is another battle i have been fighting for about 4 years. I believe that we need to raise the standard by quality education, and quality suppliers of products.

While most of the companies in this industry are good, we will always have some cowboys, no matter what we do. As you all know, i am passionate about getting the NVQ, or any other recognised qualification, as a licence to trade as a nail tech, which will also help other issues. For example, in an NVQ practical assessment, you can only use industry recognised products. If your assessor does not recognise them, they will ask you to provide MSD sheets. This will list if MMA is in the monomer.

I think that we also need to hit the consumer market, and educate existing and potential nail clients to ask questions. Can i see your insurance, qualifications, MSD sheets??? etc etc etc. I encourage all my students to contact their local papers to write an unbiased feature on what to look for in a nail salon / tech.

Nail techs need to ask their suppliers for MSD sheets, dont be afraid to ask, quality companies will have no hesitation in giving them to you if they have quality products. Be proud, show off your certificates, and insurance, show that you are aware of the dangers of MMA.

Well i will stop blabbing now as i am sure most of you are asleep. All i know is that i am only a little person, with a little voice, but if all we little people stood together, then i think we could shout rather loud!!


Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
I wholeheartedly agree that we should have MMA banned here - but after that - then what.

I live in a small town and I am not aware of anyone using MMA but there are several nail techs doing equally as much damage if not more through lack of education and cutting corners. Surely this needs our attention as much as the MMA issue.

I may be being naiive but I believe this to be a bigger problem in the UK than the MMA issue.

How can we address this as passionately.

I have never been asked by a new or existing client about my education, product, insurance etc. I volunteer this information.

Your thoughts on this would be most welcome.
Although there are many nss's in my area - i agree that there are many other problems apart from mma.

I (personally) think the answer is not one thing but many things -

1. better training - I think this has been started with nvq unit 19 - is a two day training course enough - i think not!

2. regulation or licencing of some description which involves - proving your competence - maybe having unit 19?

3. education of the public so they don't want cheap and nasty nails

4. correct usage of electric drills (big issue of mine) you should not be able to buy one unless you have full training

5. getting EHO to actually take notice of the unhygienic practices used in some salons - how? - tell them!!!

I think we have to be careful what we wish for, but in general there is a lot that could be done but it takes time and effort - if you feel passionately about it - go girl!!!
Another thing I would add that is most important above all...

Consumer education.

As Fiona has rightly stated... MMA is not as big of a problem as the techniques and training level that people have in the salon.
The techniques associated with the use of MMA are also leveraged when using EMA and IMHO... those techniques are more devastating than using MMA :!:

The key problem that makes me all squirmy is standardisation. Standards induce an education level that caters to the lowest denominator. I watched as each State in the US became licensed and did I watch the level of Nail Damage, Infections, etc... decrease? Nope... It is about the same as prior to the "Standardisation".
I am not saying that standardisation is bad... but just don't hang all your hopes up on one peg as you will find it will buckle under the pressure.

Anyhooo... food for thought I guess ;)
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