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Apr 25, 2005
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South Africa
Hi all Bio Sculpture is advertising their new gel polish as a product that lets the nail breath... um Have I misunderstood this? nail breath?
I can't find anything about an oxy gel. Only about the Treatment Pens.

The pens look like they're an alternative to IBX or Rescue Rx not a gel.

Have you got a link?
I've not heard anything about an oxygel from bio sculpture and I'm trained in it & use it - I've just taken stock of the new treatment pens and there is a Oxy Gain treatment pen if this is what you mean?
There was an email I got sent from them about it, medical grade product and let's the nail breath [emoji23] if you look on Doug schoons Facebook page a while back there was a really interesting post on it!
sorry they ate calling it evo gel
Strange I've not had any info on this I'll take a look X
Just had a read, not 100% sure what it is really, the nail "breathing" got me's not 1st April it?!
Thank you... I thought I had lost the plot haha
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I got an email too and I'm in England...launches in UK in March

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