Boy, this is addicting.....


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Jan 15, 2003
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Fairfield, Illinois, USA
I find myself checking in every couple of hours. (When I can) There is always something new and exciting/informative to read about. :D
I check the other boards as well as this one at least twice a day. It is addictive. It's wierd isn't it?

I love all the boards, im always on one of them very addicted. But hey that just makes us nail techs even more special...because we are here to LEARN more than we already know!! :D
Seeing as you ladies like to check out other sites - please feel free to join my new site - aimed at all techs ... novice to experts. No question deemed too silly - nobody should feel stupid because they have a question to ask ... that's how we learn.

I myself am a newcomer to the world of teching - but we try to help one another out on the site ... call in for a visit, you may like it!!!


P.S. Definitely not in competition with this site - this is "Top Tech" Site in my book.
I have tried to "join" your site and came up with an error. I'm I doing something wrong?
Well, I am not a professional nail tech, more of an aspiring micro-artist LOL.... But I am also addicted to forums in general!! I have found that no matter what your interest there is a forum out there for it.

Here are the non-nail art boards I troll:
Fin, Fur and Feathers Pet Forum
The Coffee Forums
A geeky computer forum --> they are not newbie friendly here but if you have a computer prob just search and I bet a bunch of people have already had the same one!
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