Brow wax help!

Ladies please advise, i am literally freaking out! I have been doing beauty for 10years and today I have had a new lady in and managed to take skin off of underneath her brow, this is just the second time I have done this (the first 10years ago), I didn’t say anything and neither did she, but I’m pretty sure this is what has happened, it was shiny and quite big, what on earth do I do and say to her when she comes back to me? She has another appointment with me on Thursday for a mani and pedi. Please help I really am stressing about this x


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Why don't you give her a call and ask how it is? She would appreciate the call even if everything is fine!
If it's not - agree to take a closer look when she's back in and ask her how she would like to be compensated? Not only does this make you look caring, it will make her feel valuable.


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Agree you should contact her. You could always text her an appointment reminder for Thursday and add at the end of the message that you hope her eye is ok as it looked red after the wax, and that if its still red she should wash with cool water and pop on some aloe vera on.

Last year I accidentally pinched a clients skin with the tweezers and made her bleed. She was a die hard regular nail client but wanted her brows doing as she was attending the Queens garden party. I was so shocked at what I'd done and knew how important the event was that I didn't say anything. Well, she never came back and I really regret that I didn't acknowledge what I'd done.

This can happen if wax is applied to thickly in certain areas ensure wax is applied thinly and evenly and make sure your removing correctly I found this happened a few times to myself i just made sure the wax was thin and i was fine after changing this.

Also make sure your checking the clients record card for any use of AHA's Glycolics and Retinoids

I've done this to myself. I had changed medication, I put it down to that. She may have changed medication as well.
I would definitely get in touch and say, you thought it looked a bit red, how is it? She will definitely appreciate it and you will only be worrying if you don’t. These things happen,it’s usually a warning to slow down and be more in the moment, unless she has changed medication or using AHAs glycolic acid. I would inquire more when you speak. X

I would definitely get in touch as you clearly care, it shows the client that, and you can reassure her it does happen from time to time. See if you can find out if there are any changes like meds, products (as already suggested) even if she has been on holiday recently or started using sunbeds could affect the way the skin responds to waxing. X