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Feb 23, 2012
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Woodford Halse, Northants
Hi still in training and would like to know about the black buffer blocks 100/180 grit, orange sponge. I use the nail files of 100/180 grit and i use the black buffers too as shown by training dvd, but am i not using the same grit with both these sanding implements and should just use the file, i find this better, or do i use both of them. I alsofind the buffer block runs out of grit very quickly
Sorry if silly question, do not want to get it wrong.
Many thanks
Tracey x:D
Hi Tracetkate,

each brand has it's own range of abrasives & buffers that they recommend. There are literally thousands of types out there...

Replacing a buffer with a file would be fine, a buffer is less likely to give you flat spots or strange angles if you do not have great file control

Also to add -
100 grit should only be used during a rebalance (old cured product) for taking down the bulk. On freshly applied product it is too rough and will actually fracture and damage the new application

Also, neither of these grits should be used on the natural nail as they will gouge very deeply into the nail plate layers - 100 grit can go as deep as 20% of the nail plate thickness in one stroke...


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