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Oct 19, 2011
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The online beauty and wellness directory Wahanda has joined forces with BABTAC in an effort to offer a safer, better regulated service. With this partnership, everyone's a winner.

Not only will membership for BABTAC increase, it will also highlight to the consumer and to therapists the importance of professional accreditation in an effort to create a platform for consumers and industry professionals to understand the importance of adequate training and insurance.

Currently, BABTAC represents over 10,000 highly trained professionals and for the last 35 years has offered the most comprehensive membership benefits and support and training services available. Since BABTAC launched their promotions in September 2011, they have had more than 650 salons and therapists sign up to the scheme.

Among beauty professionals, this is without doubt a popular move and BABTAC Chairman, Kim Ford, concurs. "BABTAC is thrilled to be joining forces with Wahanda. We anticipate that this will bring may benefits to both therapists and customers. This partnership will provide an additional promotional platform for our members whilst raising further consumer awareness about BABTAC and what we stand for as the definitive UK association for beauty."

Lopo Champalimaud, Wahanda CEO, says, "We are really excited about getting BABTAC on board. They provide a vital service which will allow us to enhance the offering to Wahanda customers and professionals...This partnership will further Wahanda's goal to help customers make informed choices and trust that associated salons are educated in 'Best Practice'."

For my money, this is a huge step forward for the industry. Let's empower our clients and arm them with knowledge that allows them to make safe choices.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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