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Nov 7, 2020
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Gloucestershire UK
If you are making £120k a year turnover and taking £30k that is good money. Your employer has to pay VAT out of your turnover, so you’re actually generating £100k net income.

in addition to your salary you get pay holiday pay (worth 12.07% of your pay) and employers national insurance and pension contributions paid for you. So your salary package is around £35000.

You could step away and set up elsewhere on a chair rental basis - you may not realise how much of your appeal lies in you working in your current salon. Wherever you move to, it will feel different to your clients. Some may follow you for one or two haircuts, then they may feel that something undefinable has changed and they may not stay. It’s a risk.

Never underestimate the effort, heartache, cost and risk of setting up your own place. It isn’t always a license to print money. I suggest you talk to your boss about a raise. Say how you feel. I expect they’ll point out that they’ve been closed for 8 months out of the last 12 and have earned less than you over the past year.

Maybe you could offer to take on more responsibility and start to learn more about the business. Having your own place means you need to manage staff, promote the business, do the bookkeeping, pay VAT - it’s several hours work at the end of the day of seeing clients. Maybe you could offer to do some of these activities at the end of your working day after seeing all your clients and see how you cope? You may relish the stimulation and challenge, you may create a case for a pay rise.

Not everyone can be Jack of all trades with a good mix of business savvy and hairdressing talent. There is no shame in saying, I am a creative genius, I love speaking to clients, I hate paperwork and admin and I don’t feel that I can make as much money if I spend my time doing these activities as if I focus on my other talents,

Being an employee is your chance to find out what works for you. Taking a massive leap into the unknown without any experience and confidence in all the other aspects of generating your business is a bit foolhardy. When I set up (in beauty) I felt very confident that I could “easily” handle everything and I had lots of experience. I’ve been stretched to my limits and I invest ££££’s every year in improving my skills and expertise. Just this year alone I have spent £3k on business training because my business has taken a massive hit and I am struggling to reach the levels of income that you generated last year. Don’t underestimate your boss - learn as much as you can!

I won't comment on the Moni23's question as I think you have done this artfully (and I'm under qualified), I actually am commenting as I was attracted to the business training courses you have taken in the last year. I personally am seeking out some businesses courses to better assist me in running a new premises. Would you be able to recommend any courses?

On the subject, I'm also remembering you making a comment in the past about breathing exercises/couching.

I actually was looking at some courses online for breathing exercises, however it's an absolute minefield to navigate! If you had any suggestions I would be really appreciative : )

Lastly, I have seen some interest in the last few months in regards to psychodermatology and NLP therapy.I know these won't offer the fantastic results of a targeted treatment, however I thought these could allow us to further support our clients. Have you come across either of these techniques?

Hi Cali-dude.

I’ve got one of those magpie brains and I’m interested in lots of things. Plus I’m really old so I’ve had time to accumulate a depth of knowledge in the areas I’m interested in. I’m actually quite a tiring person to live with!

Business Courses. I’ve previously covered all the basics on a business degree course and I have a lot of management experience and expertise. However during the past year I started to feel overwhelmed as I was so outside my comfort zone and I realised I wasn’t doing everything that I could to survive. For me this meant looking at my mindset. The hairdresser Caroline Sanderson “salon Jedi” does a lot of work on mindset and also marketing. She’s very successful and trained with John Assaraf who is all over You tube.

I signed up with John Assaraf. He has lots of courses and focussed on mindset but there is also a wealth of how to knowledge on his courses. I have earned back my investment so I recommend his training. I’m looking at signing up with Caroline Sanderson as well, but I haven’t done that yet.

Breathing exercises are covered in lots of different disciplines. I’ve learned lots of techniques in Yoga however I loved the Buteyko breathing exercises that Patrick McKeown teaches, if you follow him on you tube you can learn a lot. I’m a clinical massage therapist with a degree so I’ve had the benefit of working with lots of tutors who have had their own learning journey and have generously shared what they know. I’m also in the Jing massage school mentoring programme and that’s a terrific sharing space. Neuroscience has also researched breathing exercises. Andrew Huberman is on YouTube and he shares some interesting and simple techniques. The John Assaraf training that I have access to also shares some really interesting neuroscience techniques- probably slightly behind Andrew Huberman but they still work

I’m interested in NLP. There’s quite a bit in John Assaraf’s training. I’m not an affiliate and I haven’t trained with lots of other people but I earned my money back with John’s training so I’m happy to recommend him. You should also check out EFT They teach EFT techniques but they also offer a diploma that teaches NLP. I haven’t done the course but it looks a good course and I’m considering doing the training.

Finally training in mindfulness is very helpful. I am working my way towards doing a teaching course. There are lots of courses but the best are actually masters degree courses. There is a Bangor based course and an Oxford based course and there are training options that are not quite as demanding as a masters degree.

I hope this is helpful. Do share anything that you come across. I’m always looking for recommendations
Hi Darling,

Firstly, thank you so much for this in-depth response. It’s Mundo, but a certain representative for a global disinfectant brand wasn’t so happy with me using my save the headache I just had it changed.

As someone who follows your (amongst others on here that I respect) nuggets of knowledge, I am continuously impressed with your background history and of course successful present.

It’s refreshing to hear someone who has done a business course. I think I may be doing this in the reverse if I play my cards right, I’d love further training (whether it be via business couching or a degree). I personally have been lucky to tap into my retired father-in-law’s know-how who studied business and now in retirement is a mentor for the Prince’s Trust’s. I feel very lucky, however there is nothing better than being as self-reliant possible.

I think it goes to show how clever your train of thinking is to find someone as respected as Caroline Sanderson and circumventing to where she studied. You have so much industry experience, so I imagine with the John Assaraf training you can assemble these different practices in a way that makes you even more effective as a professional in this industry.

I have heard of Caroline Sanderson (only the name as I’m still new to the UK industry), so I will certainly follow her more closely and her past work.

I’ve just followed John Assaraf on youtube, and I think like you’ve done, I may well take on a course that seems the most applicable to me. Thank you for this recommendation.

Regarding the breathing techniques, I think I may enroll (when we can attend group sessions) on to some yoga classes and see what I can take away with the breathing exercises and how I can make this applicable in the treatment room.

I have followed Patrick McKeown and Andrew Huberman on youtube also, some fantastically established names! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into their content.

Regarding NLP, I’m not too surprised that it’s part of this business training program. At a glance a lot seems geared towards mindset. I’m sure with your endorsement, that this is a great course. I’m happy to hear you’ve made your money back and can see the applicability of the course!

EFT is interesting, there is a practitioner in my locale that I may have a treatment with. These techniques are not something that I find pressing to train extensively and master myself. My interest is mostly to find (not with the intent of advertising) if I could take the gesture of these therapies and work it into my everyday practices (personally and professionally).

I really want to reach out to local practitioners from different disciplines to highlight a service that I don’t offer and recommend it if I think a client may have an appreciation or could benefit from it.

Also, the marketing potential and cross promotion of other professionals locally can be mutually beneficial (I think). I respect that I can’t and most likely won’t know everything, but clients more than ever want a 360 approach to their wellness.

When I first moved to this country permanently, I worked as a shop assistant at Neal’s Yard and happened to meet many interesting local professionals (hypnotherapists, clinical acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, etc).

My hope is to sample or experience some of these treatments. If all goes well, invite them to contribute to our social media and newsletter. It would not only help produce content but also support another local professional and also give great value to our very multi-faceted/interested clientele. Sort of like a little wellness directory. This can be also be modern medicine practitioners like dermatologists.

If I happen to take on any good course I will be sure to update this thread! I’m also very interested in hearing about you becoming a teacher in mindfulness…who knows, we may even have to tap you on the shoulder for an interview to hear your insights!


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