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Apr 18, 2016
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Hi all! What sort of things did you write down for your business plans or plans of action please? I had an image in my head for what I wanted my salon to look like & now it's nearly there I need a plan of action! So I've wrote ideas for discounts for clients, etc. Just curious what else I need to put on there? Thanks all! X
Where you will work, how you will get your clients, what you need to buy, what utilities you need, your monthly break even, and how you will record your sales ready for your tax return :cool:
Thank you so much! I've been self employed before so understand what book work comes with it however I will now be home based. Have you got any ideas on ways I can get clients to come and visit me & give me a chance? X
It's tricky, I'm not a fan of discounts unless you make them permanent via a loyalty card. For example set the price for a treatment at £X + 10% and then you don't lose anything. Also giving people the chance to have a look around the treatment rooms via online photos and videos maybe. Bundled treatments can be good for filling up unpopular times. Looking busy when you aren't is helpful if you have a lot of friends and family who can swarm your salon when it opens, so others feel more confident to come in and get a brochure.
Thank you for your help! I have bought some loyalty cards & am currently running recommend a friend so hoping to get something from that. Really appreciate your help thank you x

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