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Apr 25, 2012
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Hi, can you help me with my Facebook please, ive got a couple of questions....

1) Ive set up a Facebook 'like' button on my website, and have 'likers' but this dosent increase my 'likes' on my Facebook page, so im not sure if it is actually working or not. I cant check it, as it automatcially logs me in as I am already a 'friend'. Can someone 'like' me on my website to see if it does work okay?

2) when i googled my Facebook page on my phone, my page came up but it didnt have a 'like' button. Ive googled other peoples Facebook page on my phone and it appears on theirs, and yet i have the button if i search on my pc. How do I sort that one??

3) Ive also seen some other Facebook pages that have a tab for Notes and other Recommendations etc, ive tried to add these but with no luck

Any tips or help would be welcome.

my website is;
Facebook is:

Thank you x
I cant help with your questions but Id like to know how to add tabs aswell :)
hi Jemima, could you like my Facebook page from my website to see if its working for me?
what kind of page did you create? was it business, community, place etc..depending on what type of page it is will limit what it can offer....if you are not sure, I would delete the page then create a brand new page perhaps with a different log in etc.. if you need a hand let me know x
i 'liked' it from my page and it worked fine....all looks great!
hmmm....liked your website no problem, but can't find your facebook page up at all....log into the page and copy the web address and post it here, i'll take a look and see whats going on if you want
I can like it from your website but it doesnt lead me to your website BUT when i liked it, i then clicked on the link a post of 2 above this one and it said i didnt "LIKE" it?

Heres mine Welcome to Facebook

My fb is Iola's Nails and Beauty and i didnt need to sign up for that "like" box option as i created a page.only problem i have is that ive made my personal account an admin but dont know how to share the page lol xx
Hi thank you for your help so far!

Ive had another play tonight, and my 'like' amount on my website now corresponds to the number on my Facebook page - fingers crossed its working!

can you test it out for me? my website is and see if it works by clicking 'like' and seeing if it adds me to your facebook page?

thanks! :)

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