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Calling Nail Technicians Manicure Stations To Let-Start your own Nail Business


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Aug 20, 2007
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We are currently having the upper floor of our premises in Doncaster renovated and once completed can offer manicure stations to rent from only £10 per day.

You can book the stations for as many or as few days a week as you would like.

Perfect opportunity to start your own business.

Daily station rental is less than it would cost being mobile-car costs, fuel costs etc.

Currently mobile but have quiet days?-Book a table to bring in extra clients, or get your clients to come to you in our newly decorated surroundings.

We will provide an attractive, ergonomic nail table for you to work from complete with lamp, power supply, and chairs, all within newly decorated surroundings. The desks will have ample storage in the form of cupboards, drawers etc.

You need to be qualified, have your own insurance and to provide your own equipment-nails, acrylics, gels, files, and lamps. There is a possibility that we could hire you the use of UV lamps and electric drill files at an additional daily rate.

You can book the table for just one day a week, or for the whole week, its up to you, but require you to book in advance. Kisses currently operate 6 days per week, but will also open on Sundays in the run up to the festive period.

Daily Rates
1 Day £20
2 Days £35
3 Days £45
4 Days £55
5 Days £60
6 Days £65
7 Days £70

As shown above, the more days you book the table for the lower the cost per day.

We will advertise outside and within the shop on your behalf, but also suggest you advertise yourself to maximise earning potential. We can also advertise a ‘Walk-In-Appointment’ Service to help gain more customers.
It is entirely up to you what you wish to charge your clients
You will be classed as self employed, and as you are just hiring the table, are not classed as an employee of Kisses.

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to have your own nail business. It can be as big as you make it.
Hi, please could you send me more details on this as I am very interested. Have recently moved back to Doncaster and am trying to build my clientelle up.

Many thanks

Michelle xx
sounds like a great offer!
could u send me some detials please of how to contact you for more info couldnt find your tele no
my name is sandra, could you please send me more info about renting a nail station
[email protected] or 07811344956

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