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Apr 2, 2010
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....decide what products to teach a class with? Or is that determined by the college? (I'm talking about further education colleges here).

I'm nvq 3 qualified with five years commercial experience and can do a good job with cnd products because they're hypoallergenic but any other brand is simply not an option for me (I'm very allergic!).

Would a college be interested in encouraging a tutor to use a product that they can work with or would it be a case of "no we use a cheaper brand, it would be easier for us to employ someone else"?

Advice appreciated.
I'm just guessing here, but I think due to tight budgets, they could insist you use the brand they have, which might be at the lower price point.:(
I had a nail tech who 'thought' she was Shellac trained, but when the certificate was produced, her training was using 'a type of shellac gel'.......brand unknown!:oops:
Hopefully there are some college tutor's on here that can answer from their own personal experience.

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