can i survive without enhancements


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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi can i survive just doing pedicure manicure's facelifts for hands nail art airbrush art without doing enhancements
few reasons really. finnally ONE of my nails has grown to the length of the free edge of gel and its lifted under if that explains it right, basically i can flick it...i know i should be re doing it but been busy anyway its so thin like paper. that worries me. also i just found out yesterday i'm pregnant(shock :pukeoff: -thats me at the mo) so i'd want to be reducing my time spent over nails in one go if you get me
any other techs do just 'natural' nails
also i'll be looking fo9r a 'maternity' salon jacket so please look at geekbay if you have one.
CONGRATULATIONS :D :D sorry about the :pukeoff: I never had to go through that!! Anyway, just a couple of things, I wore enhancements and did them right throught BOTH pregnancies and was FINE :D Not sure why you would want to stop as you certainly make more money in doing them BUT, just doing manics and pedics is fine too - add extras to your services to put the prices up (detailed massages etc). You mentioned your own nail underneath that's grown out... don't forget that a coating is about 15 times stronger than your natural nail... of course it feels thin compared to the hard coating; doesn't maen there is anything wrong with your nails, if you haven't messed with them then generally that is the thickness of your natural nail; it doesn't 'go thin' under an enhancement, only if you or your tek has totally thinned your nail to begin with - SO QUIT WORRYING. :D I understand you wanting to eventually reduce your time but you can still have one of the other teks in the salon take over your clients whilst on maternity leave - at least that is what someone I know did and it worked out great!! Hope this helps and that you feel better soon!! ;)
Hey Jen,

Congratulations on the pregnancy - I know exactly what you're going thru. I was :pukeoff: :pukeon: :pukeoff: :pukeon: about 6-7 times a day until I was 5 months pregnant. It is totally worth it in the end though.

I worked with my enhancements and probably did more nails than usual as I was pregnant during the summer!! Just make sure you're well ventilated to reduce inhalation of dust & odours!! And if it's a girl she can have her nails done too ;)
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