Can i use a posture stool as a pedicure stool?


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Missy G

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Sep 7, 2006
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I was wondering if i could get away with using a posture stool for doing pedicures,does anyone else use one?
Posture stool as in a kneeling stool? I've got a kneeling stool and was wondering if it could be used for this?
Will be interested to know what others think on this one, although i've just got a bargain pedi stool from e-bay half price!! was thinking that the kneeling stool might not look that professional?
I used to use a posture stool for pedicures, and maybe i wasn't sitting properly but it really hurt my back.

When the client has got their foot on your lap the stool rocks forward, and then back when they take it off. I felt ridiculous, and i didn't feel very professional!

hth x
i used to use a posture stool the wrong way round if i had a quick file and polish to do to improvise if a room wasnt available so id sit on the lower part which your knees are supposed to go on and put the clients foot on the upper (bum) part on top of towels which worked quite well tho not sure how taller people would get on with it with regards to where your legs go!!!lol!!
I dont use one personally but the therapist I go to to get my feet done uses one and she says its ok but sometimes she dosent hold her back straight enough and ends up with a little back ache.
Ok thanks for your comments ,think i ll carry on looking for a peddy stoolxxx
i have a bad back from a car accident a few years i knew couldnt sit leaning over to do pedicures so all i do is sit them on a chair to soak in the foot spa then get them to lie on my beauty couch my chair is the perfect height for doing their feet, itts much more comfortable for me and they like being able to lie down too! #just a thought might save you some cash if you already have a couch x hth's x

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