Can I use feathers with Shellac?


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Angies nailz

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Mar 25, 2012
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Hi there I've been using bio sculpture feathers and was wondering if it would work if I did them with shellac ??? If so how would u do it ?? Thank kindly x
Havent tried it but was going to have a go with feathers and gelish. My plan was to do base, cure, colour, cure, colour, cure. then apply the feather to the sticky layer of colour. Top coat (although you made need to brush the top coat in the direction on the feather to keep it laying flat) cure and possibly another layer of top coat to seal xx
Not sure if i woulduse Shellac Bc it's not quite thick enough. But with Gelish you could go base, 2 coats color, feather, structure gel, top it off.
Thanks for yr help ladies if u give it ago let us know how it goes , think I mite try it and see what happens x

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