Can you cure other brands in the new CND lamp?


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Nov 11, 2015
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southwick, west sussex
Hi all.
I'm just after a bit of advice please..... I currently use cnd shellac and I love it, but i have a particular client whos nails just cant wear shellac as it just peels off within hours and i know its not me as i don't have this problem with any other clients. So my question is, can i cure other brands such as OPI gel color or gelish in the new cnd lamp as i thought trying this clients nails with a different brand may help as maybe Shellac isn't for everyone?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated thank you.

Have you tried smoothing gel? Or l&p?
Not sure re other brands curing but are you going to bring in a whole new system
Just for one client? Prep products, base & top and potentially lots of colours? Just a thought. It if a lot of money and bother if she then maybe decides to go elsewhere/doesn't want her nails done anymore or even that it may not actually work! I have one client the same and I have tried literally everything, she still does come though lol xx
It's recommended to use the lamp to go with the system you are using...saying this I tried my CND led with Gel II (on myself) and it felt like my nails were on fire! Say no more [emoji85] - so I wouldn't recommend it stick with the systems lamp!
This client may not be suitable for Shellac as not every client is, wether it's cnd shellac or gel polish, I have lots of clients who have liquid & powder or hard gel overlay that get better results than shellac X
I have the new cnd led lamp and I just recently started adding some Gelish colours to my cnd shellac range. Like you , some of my clients nails just weren't lasting with shellac or smoothing gel .
So far Gelish has been really good with no problems curing under cnd led lamp. Just make sure you read the labels to make sure you cure correctly and use the relevant base & top coats .
Hope that helps X

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