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Jun 8, 2010
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I've got my Shellac stuff out, ready to paint, but CANNOT decide what colour to do. Arrrrrgh.
my shellac just arrived this morning, i got the 3.0 collection and couldnt decide either!!! so far to day i have tried hotski to tchotski and purple purple!!!
I decided on Fedora and masquerade with a little foil on ring fingers.


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I have this all the time I can never decide! I always check the what are you wearing thread for inspiration then end up absorbed in SG and just go for nude shellac colours!!
When first got my Gelish colors i wanted to try everyone single one ...LOL...I love hot pink so i went for the brightest pink i had which was passion at the time...i still love it, anyways, I did chop and change my nails a lot...LOL Now i have settled down after the excitement of first getting my gelish, i now wear my colors a lot longer on my fingers and tootsies and i do different applications, like rockstar, colored french tips etc...
It is exciting ...Have fun with them all :) Wearing your colors makes u a walking advert.
One of my fav in Gelish is Bella's Vampire in Shellac it's purple purple :)

Have fun :)

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