Cellulitis and massage


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Nov 12, 2009
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west yorks

Please could somebody advise how long after having cellulitis can a client have a massage ?

I have a lady enquiring about massage who is currently on antibiotics for this.

Cellulitis usually has open sores - these must be healed completely and she should ideally be off the ABs... if in doubt ask for a letter from her GP stating that she is fit to have a full massage.

I wouldn't treat her till after the ABs have finished personally and any sores have healed...

The lady has said she has this on her legs , she originally wanted full body massage but has now said she will just have back neck & shoulder , shall I still wait til the course of antibiotics is finished ?
It's a systemic infection...
Thanks again, never heard of the condition until now and just quickly googles and posted on here.
My mother is just getting over this - she had an extreme reaction to an ant bite !
Her leg was swollen and inflamed & she ended up in hospital on an I.V. antibiotic drip.
Do not offer any massage treatments until given the all clear from her G.P. as these are serious infections.

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