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Sep 19, 2011
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Hi All,

I know i am repeating a lot of what has been said on here-however,

I just can not get over how cheap people are doing full heads for in my area. I have been researching extensionists in Devon for the last 6 months whilst i am prepareing to go mobile myself. Ive been online again today and in the hour and a half ive been looking i havent found anyone that does a full head for more than £140. Most of them are coming in at £100 with aftercare kit and restyle. There was even a pair of girls advertising together for £60. How do any of them possibly make any money at all, i know they will be using cheap hair but still, for the time involved in a consultation and application whats the point? Its so disheartening that there these girls are being kept busy by people wanting a cheap quick fix. Is this the same in all areas or just here in the SouthWest?
I would stick to your guns and use a decent supplier, people who recognice quality will pay for it. You could also maybe offer a range of hair qualities for people with smaller/bigger budgets. This is what i do, but make sure you make it absolutely clear on the differences between the hair types and how long it should last. This might also encourage people with much smaller budgets to pay that bit extra x
Yeah I am defo going to do that, its not worth it otherwise. I couldnt walk away from a client knowing i had used cheap rubbish that wouldnt last. Ill have to start as i mean to go on.

thanks for reply
cheap is not better. you get what you paid for as i found out the hard. a lady on fb was running a comp for you and a friend to win half price mirco ring hair extension. i won she come round for a consultation and i only had to pay £80 for 22 inch hair my friend only had to pay £75 for 20 inch we was over moon how ever she never showed to do my hair and my friends hair she did was disgracefull it was falling out every where after two weeks of having them in she had to take them out (what was left).

this is because if you charge less you are lowing your standards i.e cheap hair.

i do eyelash extensions the sprig ones and people in my area charge £10 i charge £15 and my clients have often said to me "they do it cheaper" i simple would not lower my price as its not worth my time to go out to someones house for 30 minutes and after product cost.

my clients still return again and again price is not everything.

think how much you want an hour for working. i would only reduce a price if more than one treatment is booked, the client comes to me or more than one person has a treatment at the same time.
I am seriously having the same problem. I don't want to lower my prices but the trouble is that realistically a lot of people do go for the cheaper option.....but I'm going to stick to my guns and provide Proper - Qualified - Insured - Knowledgeable services. If you loose some clients then so be it.

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