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Oct 16, 2014
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I have a lady having potentially her last colour and cut for a while as she is having to undergo intense chemo. I want to offer that when the time comes I will happily go to her house (rather than the salon) and shave it off for her.
This is something i haven't had to do before.
Can anyone recommend what grade I should shave it off to? Should I even use a grade?
When I done my own mums we cut it into a short pixie so that the transition from her long hair to bald wasn't such a shock. She had 7x intensive chemo treatment over the years and her hair only twice came completely out . Not sure if that helps you at all but it's another avenue to explore xxx
A#1 or 0 if it comes out a lot my friend lost it all from it so we shaved her 0 and bleached it platinum when it came back to 1/2" long
That's very kind offering to go to her house to save her the hassle of visiting the salon.

I have to agree with @siobrennan, that not all chemo patients lose all their hair. It might just go thinner.

Also, if she does lose her hair, she might want to buy a wig and you could help her with that. A lot of wigs need trimming a bit initially as they can be a bit helmet-like.
With my mum, we cut it short to begin, and then it went thin. So I cut it scissor over comb because I thought that the clippers might miss some hairs as it was so fine.

The guaranteed my mum would lose all her hair, she didn't. It just went thinner.
Maybe offer the chance before (if she's up to it) to go for something completely mad colour or cut wise, that she wouldn't otherwise do?
Thanks for the advice everyone really appreciated. Such a delicate subject I just wanted to double check x
My mum (not a hairdresser) shaved her own head when it started falling out. For her it was quite a liberating process, and gave her some control during chemo!

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