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May 11, 2012
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Hey, my school distributes the gel from Light Elegance. Has anyone ever used it? Whats ur view on this product?
I have used their glitter gels. They come in a wide range of colors but aren't meant to be used as enhancements. I've never used their hard gels but I have been to a couple of demonstrations at a beauty show. I did like their gels. They have a natural colored gel for extensions in addition to whites. Now that I think of it, I'm gonna buy some of their natural colored gel. It was the perfect color for creating natural free edge extensions. I want my nail extensions to look natural and not "fake". This color was perfect for that. I like their color gels so I'm sure I'll like the hard gel. The nice thing about Light Elegance is the couple that found the company are husband and wife. She is a nail pro and he is a scientist. She comes up with the product and he formulates it to be used efficiently. I actually met him at a beauty show. Very nice and smart guy.
Thank you! Yeah i have seen their natural gel polish and it really did look...well natural. I've seen it in their demo videos and loved how it looked. In terms of gel though there is SO MANY i don't even know how to choose. I guess it would trial and error? Light Elegance also has the u.v. Polish P2 but on b/o at the moment but it's like the shellac, which is also something im trying to get certification for but no courses in canada for certification yet.
Im gonna be going to the biosculpture classes soon enough, but for the time being just trying to see what other options there are.
So hard to decide.
Thanks for ur reply!

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