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Jul 28, 2015
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I am looking for new clip in hair extensions which look and feel pretty real and are able to be straightened, curled etc.
I have just past shoulder length hair and change the colour all the time so not looking too expensive..

Can anyone recommend any really good extensions? Somewhere that can colour match me as well please?

TIA :)
I found the DirtyLooks hair extensions to be my fav, the full head headkandy comes with 160g of hair which is more than enough and there blonde shade are so natural compared to some. Realistically life span of 6-9 months but I wear mine everyday. Defiantly worth a look :)
I'd like to know where I can get hold of good clip ins too, after buying some from studio 58 in May that were not even wearable iv been dubious to splash out any more money on some.
Great! Thanks :)
Just had a look and they look good - just got to colour match now :)
We do a range of Russian 7A grade which will last you for years and a bespoke design your own, please check our website for more details xx

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