Cloudy gel after infill/pocket lifting


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Glimmer Jo Jo

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May 27, 2013
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Hi people..
I seem to be having problems with my gel going cloudy after infills. I thought it might be the product I was using so I changed but the problem persists. I think its pocket lifting. When infilling I use an e-file .. could the vibration be lifting my gel? it only seems to lift in the middle area. When filing down bulk and the gel is scruffed up, you cant see this, it isn't until you put the wet gel on that you can see it...
any ideas??
please have a look at the pic and see what you think..
ps ignore the stamping, I was experimenting lol.


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Possibly when you're rebalancing you aren't removing all lifting and thoroughly blending the old product to the nail or aggressive filing is loosening the product. Either way these really need removing and a new set applied.

When you dehydrate the nail prior to applying new product at rebalance you should be able to see any area which isn't fully blended to the nail plate. Remember when removing lifting always file behind the lift, not over it or it will just keep growing.
Thank you Pure,
Looking at what you are saying I think it must be aggressive filing as I know I definitely blend round the regrowth and I very rarely get any lifting (round the edge anyway) ..

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