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Jan 20, 2012
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Hiya, I'm in the process of booking my l & p cnd course, VERY excited,

Can't wait for all the info to arrive, just wanted to know from others who have done the course, what they thought and what the kit was like....what's included????

I'm just waiting on dates to be confirmed, just sooo excited xx

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Are you doing the course with CND?
Yep, its with cnd !!!! Yey

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You'll love the course! I did my CND course 6 years ago it was fab, I've been dedicated to the products ever since they are brilliant, easy to work with and the customer service is excellent - deliveries come within 48 hours of ordering, staff are so helpful and I still contact my training ambassador from time to time for some advice (the same lady that taught me), CND give you the mobile number for your trainer so you can reach them as and when you need. CND products are a fair bit more expensive than most brands but worth every penny. It would be nice to know how you get on if you have time let me know - Good luck!
Ive booked the CND complete course at the Leeds acadamy on the 2nd july. Im so excited. Eeek. Does anyone know whats included in the kit? Id love to know :) x x
My course will hopefully be in bristol or il travel....

I bet the kit is fab.....?!?!?

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ooh I'm excited for you!.... please let me know when the kit arrives as would love to hear what you actually get in it! This is the course I am saving up for : ) xx
Will let u guys know how it all goes.....!!! I've been saving up for ages....anyone else been to the bristol cnd training?????

Sweetsq hav been sooo helpful but its good to hear from others who hav been on it ? xx

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I've just booked the cnd complete course for may 9th. Sooo excited! Would love to know what's in the kit also... :)

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