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Sep 20, 2010
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Hey, i've got a new client who wants me to take her back to blonde, i would say she's between and 4 and 5 at the mo. I was thinking of using Efassor l'0real to strip the colour, then put maybe a 8.0 all over with highlights bleach and 30vol? I've explained it would take a few times before i could get her back as blonde as she'd like. I used Efassor about 3 or 4 years ago and havent done a strip for that long I cant remember exactly what to mix it with, was it hotr water or 20vol? Also how much sould I charge, im mobile xx
hope this is useful, a friend of mine took a almost black up to light ash blonde by effasor with 30vol-toned, effasor again- bleached, toned then a highlift lightest ash blonde with a sprinkle of bleach.
days between treatments with lots of masks, plus it was good hair to begin with. The black dye almost totally came out but it did need a cut on the ends.

might be a bit extreme for most hair types but the effasor alone lifted loads.

good luck x
Minimum 20 vol. If you are going that many levels up, the watering method wont get you far. What is the condition of her hair now? Is it strong enough for more than one round? Start with the 20 vol, and if you dont see good reaction right away, massage straight 30 or 40 vol into the hair while it is still in the beginning stages of lift. That way you are bumping it as you should see movement within the first 5 min or so.....

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