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Feb 10, 2003
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S Yorkshire
hi you guys,
can anyone answer my daft question? just competed a conversion course and although im fairly new to acrylics my suspicians were confirmed, creative products are brill :!: trouble is i have lots of clients with opi nails on, which are also a very good nail. how do i introduce creative?

option 1, rave on and on about them and put new sets on everyone,

2. wait till they want new nails and then use creative, (meanwhile im trying to maintain two slightly different products and techniques and cant wait to start using creative)

3. wait till they need a pink and white rebalance, file most of the nail away and rebalance with creative over the top of opi (not sure if this is a good idea though although its probably gonna be the most immediate method)

look forward to hearing your suggestions. ;)
what do you think to my cute liccle doggie with his gangly legs?
sorry can't help with the creative issue much, except that a similar question was raised in another yopic, about mixing products & Sam said it was ok.

But your dog is soooo damn cute!! I love GS!!! they make excellent pets!
Gimme your address and ill post him! only joking :D we love him really.
thanks for the advice about product mixing ill look it up.
I was told on my course that Creative Products can be used over any product. I have done it many times with no problems. So go on girl and get creating.
Yup... The dog is cool and you can simply rebalance over what you have already been using. :)
thanx a lot, i better get started.... :D
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