Covering different percentages of grey on same head


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Aug 12, 2015
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I have a client who is a natural level 7
The front half of her hair is very grey about 75%
The back only about 15% grey
She wants to be a light ash blonde all over
And has been colouring it herself for a long time.
She says the back always seems darker.

Should I use 2 different formulars for the front and back??

Front 10.0 with 6%
And back 10.1 with 12%

Any help would be fab thanks guys [emoji4]
A 10 won't give you grey coverage and also prob not enough lift for a light ash blonde either. I use goldwell and loreal for my hi lift tints. Goldwell reccomend using 9n or 9na in with the highlift for grey coverage so you could mix up a bowl with the base for the front and just hi lift on its own for back. Never tried it with loreal so not sure if it would work the same
If she's been colouring it herself, has she got lots of colour build up?

Obviously, you're going to need a different formula on the roots than on the mids/ends. I wouldn't use a flat 10.0 to cover 75% grey either. What colour house are you using?

(I've also edited your title to remove the capital letters)
Sorry I forgot to say I use wella
Yes she's been putting a box colour all over
99.0 is better for grey isn't it.
In that case, it might be easier to use bleach then tone.
I wouldn't want to put tint over a box dye as the results are likely to be unpredictable.

Definitely do a strand test when you do her skin test. Then you can see how it reacts to tint & bleach.
And you can only mix with special mix so....
99.0 with special mix 0.11 & 6% for the grey coverage
the double base range are designed for resistant white hair. i would only use this if the hair is really white and glassy, and the client wants 100% flat coverage, or the colour i used didn't take.

What colour are her ends at the moment?

if the ends are a 9 or 10 i would use 9/03 20vol on the top, then 9/1 30vol at the back.

if the ends are and 8 or darker i would do a full head of highlights to so you dont get any banding
Front ends a 10 ashy)
Back ends is a 9

That makes sense ... I'm going to ask her to send me some pics so I can think about it a bit more.. She's not booked in for another 3 weeks.

I don't have a lot of confidence with blondes and grey hair
Thanks for your help guys [emoji106]

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