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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
hello all u lovely people hope everyone is ok and ready for a hectic christmas!!! If u are'nt then be prepared december is only how many days away,aaggggggggggh!!!!!
Any way im looking for a little advice on the old crazy files, u know the ones that have different designs on them to sell on to clients.
I have just bought a lot in bulk to sell to clients and as i have never sold them before dn't know what i should sell them 4.
I have looked in a couple of trade catalogues and they all have a rrp of £1.75 but i really think this is too much.
Does n e one sell these for a more reasonable price
Many thanx
Amanda x x x
We have an RRP of £1.99 ;) Look at it this way, it's only £2.00 - cool stocking filler too ;) 8)
Thank you so much i took your advice and today i have sold 11 of those files at £1.75 each !! i had to do them a ickkle bit cheaper!!! Made me feel an incy wincy bit better lol!! many thanx Amanda x x x
Excellent - way-to-go Amanda!! £1.75 is fine but would have had to :hit: you, had you done it any cheaper ;) :rofl: :rofl:
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