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Jun 3, 2003
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Hello Everyone
Im Niki and Ive just joined this site. Ive seen alot of discussions about Creative Spa Manicures and wondered where you find out about courses in your area??
I have no idea where to look as Im new to everything to do with nails and so need some guidence please??

I live in Suffolk, does anyone know if there are Creative courses round here??

Any info you can give me will be great.

Oh by the way Im not trained in any nail systems yet, Im currently saving for the Essential Nails course in Gels.

Niki :D
Hi there

If you click on the link below it will take you to the website, click on 'Education', on there are details where courses are held. For more information I think you will have to call them but the phone numbers displayed

Hope that helped!
Hello Nikibutterfly,

I tried a lot of products but I am now Creative through and through. I believe that training is the key to being a good nail tech. and you should never stop training because there is always something you can learn. Creative products give me good results every time and if you have a problem the back up is great. Samuel got me out of many sticky situations when I first started, never be afraid to ask if you don't understand something.

Good Luck

Katy - Funky Fingers
Hi Niki, give the Creative Academy in Leeds a call on 0113 275 0433 and they will help you. The nearest for you would be either Norwich or Loughton I believe.
There is a new one just opened in Chelmsford, that`ll probably be your nearest one, head office will tell you
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