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Apr 23, 2004
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I have just completed day three of the foundation course with Creative and can't believe how much I enjoyed it. I used to come on this site beforehand and wonder what the hell everybody was talking about, with "bead" this and "smile line" that, but now I understand!! Hee hee!!!:biggrin:

However, in my total excitement and enjoyment of doing my first set yesterday and even having the educator say "I would let you do my nails!", I have popped off into the Creative shop and bought some stuff that looked really exciting. My sister is my first "guinea pig" tonight and I know that she likes glitter on the, I've bought the Metro powder kit and also some single tubes of glitter. Two questions:

(1) In my ignorance, I thought that I would apply the metro powder just as I would my pink or my clear, but the way I've understood the instructions is that I need to mix some of the power with either my clear or my pink. Am I right? Or can I apply it as it is?

(2) Also, I know that I need to mix the glitter with my powder, but I'm guessing that I must make sure I mix enough for all 10 to make sure that I get the same ratio and therefore the same appearance for all 10. Again, am I right?

Sorry, but I'm doing her nails tonight and I want to make sure that I know what I'm doing.

Cany anybody help and does anybody have any useful tips (pardon the pun!!!) ("tips"..... get it?!!!) :rolleyes:
Hi, with the Metro powders you can use them exactly as you would your pink or clear as you thought - you can also "dilute" them by mixing with pink or clear to get less of a solid glitter look. In the instructions it may mean that it is advisable to do the glitter as thin as you can on the tip or whatever and then overlay with clear or pink so that when you are finishing off you are not having to file off all of your glitter.

Hope this helps.
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