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Sep 25, 2003
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wallington surrey
hi all,
i'm pretty new to all so please bare with me, :?
i have just finished my v t c t which i really enjoyed, but would like to do a creative nail course or one simular but really don't know where to look or how much these courses would be, i would be grateful if someone could let me know. :p
many thanks
lilolilly (lisa)[ b][/b]
Hi Lisa

If you ring Designer Nails in Leeds 0113 275 0433 and ask for their education department they will send you an information pack about all their courses and prices, and tell you where your nearest Academy is. :p

I trained with them in July and AM VERY VERY HAPPY! :D

Good luck.
Hiya Lisa!
I too did a VTCT in early 2003......however I found that this was distinctly lacking in many areas! :shock:
I have researched and researched training courses since completing the VTCT and I have to say, I am positively excited about the creative FDFC (4 day foundation course) I have booked for 7th 8th 9th and 23rd October
As Lesley so rightly said....If you ring Creative direct they are soooo efficient, friendly and helpful and will send you a "lifelong learning pack" which covers each course in detail and what to expect. Prices, course contents etc........

I have to say, after much searching....Im glad I opted Creative!
Hope you find what your looking for Lisa!
And all the best with it too!
Please, Please, Please don't be tempted by doing anyone elses coarse like I did!
I did a Star Nail coarse at the beginning of this year because for the same money as the Creative coarse I got a manicure day & a nail art aswell, which I thought was terrific. Don't get me wrong these two days were fine but the extension training I received wasn't all that to be honest (or the products!) and now I am having to wait a year before I can do a conversion coarse to Creative.
Its a costly and frustrating lesson learnt and although I know I could do the foundation coarse with Creative all over again I can't afford to as I've wasted sooo much money already.
I trust everyone elses view that Creative really is the one and hope you can take peoples advise and not ignore it like I did!! :(
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