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Jun 27, 2003
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:D Hi all,
Well I recieved my info pack today and must say I'm looking forward to booking my training.

I need to do a couple of hours 121 to learn the L&P (as I'm a gel and f/glass girl), then I can do a Conversion.

I called the Maidenhead training centre and couldnt speak to the trainer as she was busy and probably wont be able to do my training for a good few weeks. :(

I'm feeling a bit flat now as I've got to wait for her to call me back.

Can anyone tell me if they had to wait a while before they could train ?

My nearest centre is apparently Hammersmith. Does anyone know if its near the tube as I don't fancy driving ? Or perhaps its easy to find and park etc ? (Though it is London and I somehow doubt it) I know Ketan is the god of nails so wonder whether to call them ?

As you can see my heads all over the place. :?

Anyones experience of 1-2-1 would be appreciated.

:D :D :D
Cant stop smiling.

Pamela Rulhf just called and we are booked in for 1-2-1 and a conversion course in a couple of weeks !!!!

She sounds lovely. Cant wait to start.

One happy bunny.
Hi Kellie

I have been doing nails for about 5 months, I trained with NSI in sculpture and tip and overlay acrylic extensions.

There are lots of things I am still learning and I was thinking of calling my NSI trainer back for a 1-2-1 session, but I also want to do a Creative Conversion Course.

Do you know if you have to have been doing Nails for a certain length of time before you can do this conversion course?? Or could I speak to a Creative Trainer now about a 1-2-1 session now??

Thanx you
Hi Steph,

I know from reading the literature Creative sent and from reading this board that you have to have been in the business for at least a year.

Give them a call at Creative they are very helpful.

I'll let you know how i get on.

Hi there, I don`t want to rain on anyones parade but can you do the 1-2-1 before the conversion course? I would have thought you`d have to do the conversion first to know what you`re doing and then 1-2-1 to help with things you need help with afterwards.
Maybe I`m not getting something here, I do have a bimbo brain quite often but how can anyone do 1-2-1 on something if they haven`t learn the system?
Hi Deb
Know what your saying. I rang and spoke to an advisor and gave my history of gel and f/glass, also my desire to learn l&p.

I was advised to do 1-2-1 training to go do L&P application techniques before doing a conversion which includes product technology etc.

Cant wait to learn something new its been ages.

I hope I didn`t offend, that certainly wasn`t my intention, like I said this bimbo brain couldn`t get my head round that one.
It sounds a good idea now, der
None taken Debs,
I welcome your advice. You're always there with a friendly ear.
Wish I was coming to the Scratch party Sat for a good gossip but have prior arrangements. :hic:

... depending on circumstances, to do 1-2-1 FIRST so we can assess the skills and capeabilities of a fellow tek - it totally depends on the person and what their experience is :!: If they have only ever done Gel and F/G and NOT L&P, then we advise 1*2*1 ;) After all, it wouldn't be fair to put Gel / FG users on a liquid & powder conversion when thay have never even used the system!! Creative Conversion is for L&P users who want to covert to our L&P from their existing product!! ;) Hope that now puts you all in the picture!!! 8)
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