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May 27, 2008
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone uses this and what are your thoughts? Not in the salon but for themselves. We used to speak about it at college and i was thinking to invest in a little tub
Hi I got a small pot last year and I am a skincare fanatic I use la prairie which falls in same price range , however I did mot see what all the fuss is about , I'm sure it's good but I felt consistency quite thick sorry don't mean to be negative ask for a sample pot they r usually good at giving if think u are genuine about it. But la prairie is awesome x
The lip balm and the eye cream are awesome!!!

My mum had surgery under her eye last year to remove skin cancer, after the surgery the skin under her eye was so dry and peeling that is cracked and was so sore. She tried everything, loads of eye creams and stuff from the doctors and as a last resort I got a sample of the eye cream for her, it was PHENOMENAL!!!

The only thing that soothed and healed the skin, also brightens and tightens too, I went and bought her the full size pot. It is very expensive, but in my opinion totally worth it.

My friend used to use it and it is SO expensive. But if you’re ok with that, she said it was great. But she has a lot of problems with skin and now uses ProActiv so may not be the best ambassador!

I did try some of the lip balm when we were away together once. I have to say for £40, it’s no better than the lipbalm I make myself.
I personally thinlk elizabeth arden 8 hour cream is the best. Creme de la mer is a great product but i think its ideal more for maturer skin. xoxo

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