Dark hair to blonde.


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Oct 21, 2010
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Hello I am not a professional but I have a question and I thought who better to ask than lots of professionals.
Right so i have natrally reddish brown hair its not dark dark but dark enough to make turning it to blonde a bit of a mission.
Now I want to go like an ash/silvery/blonde colour I have seen it but I dont know the correct name sorry, I was hoping for some advice on how to do this and is it even possible.
I have a few questions
1 Will it be very high maintenence
2 Will it be a gradual process or can it be done in the salon in one go
3 Is it true that it will make my hair very damaged
4 Do you think it will suit a pale, freckly person.
I have wanted this coulour for ages now but I have never had the courage to do it now I have.
Any advice would be very welcome, Thank you x x x
If your hair has no other colour on it, yes it is do-able.
Yes it is very high maintenance.Regrowth every few weeks and really good salon type conditioners.
Yes it should be possible to do it in one go.
Hi there.

Blond hair or bleach blond can sometimes look very flattering on people with redish brown or red hair with pale skin tones. Discuss this with the hairdresser about your skin tones ect.

After highlighting or bleaching your hair, the hairdresser would put a silvery/ash or beige toner on your hair to give you your desired colour.
Yes this would be able to be done in a single trip to your salon.
You will need to have your roots done every 4 - 6 weeks approx.
yes it will damage your hair, but depending on your hair condition to begin with, you can have or buy excellent hair treatments and conditioners from the salon to keep your hair in optimal condition. Your hairdresser will let you know about the condition of your hair prior to bleaching, and the likelyhood of damage to your hair after bleaching it.

If you love the result and want it done all the time, then yes, it is a comittment and won't be very cheap.

Good luck.:)
if your hair is in good condition and hilighted properly by a good hairdresser it will not "damage" your hair, may be a little drier, but nothing good conditioners and regular trims wont sort out. Xx

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