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May 11, 2012
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Fife, Scotland
Hi Geeks, I'm needing to get a new daylight lamp for my nail station and I was hoping you could let me know what lamps you all use. I'm looking for a good, not too expensive one.
Hi, I use

Daylight Duo Led Cip-on Standing Lamp Item no 572

from The Craft Light Company

Discount Lighting Ltd Led Battery Operated Lamps

Its good because it's really flexible and it runs on battery and on the mains! Also had a cover to stop the magnifer getting scratched. It's light and portable, ideal for me as I'm mobile! Hth! xx
Thanks very much. It looks good. X
I love it!! (Easily pleased! Lol!!) Only thing I would say, tho, is that it comes with this bit of plastic to use as a stand rather than clipping it to the's not great and falls over cos it's top heavy, but I don't need to use it like that so doesn't bother me! It's bright enough and does the job for me!! xx

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