Decent weft hair extensions within the UK


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Jul 26, 2010
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Hello everyone.

I am looking for some recommendations for hair extension companies within the UK. I havent had any hair extensions for ages, but looking to reinstall.

I usually purchase celebrity elite Bohyme hair but i have seen quite a lot of reviews recently that people have been receiving bad batches and the company's customer service is of one that they do not care when approached about the problems people have been having.

I am reluctant to spend my money with celebrity elite due to the above issues that have been raised.

If anyone could recommend a decent UK supplier of weft hair that would be great, I am looking for decent quality of hair that doesnt turn into a birds nest after a week. It doesnt have to be virgin, just a decent quality.

I have heard several reviews of lush US hair that its pretty good, but there isnt much info, any used this hair or know how well it holds?

Any info is much appreciated.


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