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Jan 29, 2004
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Has anyone got any good tips for taking photos on a digital camera??

I have a 3.2 mp one & always have the macro option on. I also take one with flash & one without as sometimes the flash can make everything go white!

My pictures are ok but they are not as clear & crisp as some I have seen.

How far do you all take them from & do you all zoom in or not??

Thanks Geeks x
i take mine with the macro on, change it to low resolution and 2/3 mega pixal, usually at about 20/30cms away i keep clicking away and usually get one thats good, i am no photographer, if i need to get closer i then crop them on the pc, i was still struggling with fuzzyness and someone told me to use a tripod and that has cured it for closeup work.
hope this helps a little bit.
this one was taken as explained above then cropped right down.


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Another piece of advice I would give is to take a deep breath and hold it and then take the photo. I have a tendency to shake some (too much caffine!!) A photographer friend gave me that tip.

I always use the macro mode on my camera and I get within 4-6 inches of the nail using the display screen on the camera, I never use zoom. I take a deep breath, hold it, press my button down until it focuses and then snap the photo and breathe out.

Works like a charm for me!!!
That's funny, but I will try holding my breath next time, he he, thanks!

I'm a bit confused about the resolution though as I thought the resolution was the pixels?? And higher meant more pixels, better quality but less memory because of this??

Also, how come you don't use the zoom??

Thanks Geeks! x
Sawasdee ka

We give b4 our camera to the camera shop and they made a setting we click 1 time and the zoom go automatic and zoomsfor clear picture after click 1 more time hold button in and takes photo .

we use tripod make taking photos easy .

mui from the land of smiles
Any1 else got any tips on this??

i think the pixels come into play when printing photographs, but if you are putting pics on the web it needs to be less, when i had mine i took the pics at 4 mp and they looked awful on the web using 2/3 mp they are clearer.
dunno how or why but it works for me lol.
have you got a menu button on the camera? mine says quality set up and i set that at economy,then it says image size and i choose 2 or 3, then you can get technical and go into white balance, scene selection etc.
I have yet to work out what the 'macro' is and where I find it on my camera (Kodak 3.2 pixels or something) but I did have a prob recently that they all came out white and glaring, showing no detail. I wondered if it was because I'd used Super Shiny and maybe I should've used just a base coat so it didn't glare.
(if that WAS the prob!) But I did manage to take this:

I did this under a lamp with a lampshade, so the light was softer and not shining directly on the nails. With me I think it's just luck!

luv Sarah xx
Those nails are soooo cute!! Bless them in their little dickie bow ties!!! :green: :green: :green:
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