easy nails????


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, someone told me of a company called easy nails in america, ive tried doing a search for it on the net but cant find it..
Does anyone know of this company, if so do u have a website for it???
That company DOESN'T follow strict rules re paying import taxes/duties etc, I know because I ordered from them once and the products were labelled 'nailart items' when they were clearly enhancement products.
Be aware that if you get caught out by Customs & Excise, the fines are huge!!!

The best way to order products from the UK to be shipped to the UK is to go via your local/national distributor, at least then you'll know that all of the taxes will be paid properly and you won't be liable for any extra charges etc, support your UK distributors and they, in turn will, support you :green:
Weird because I order from them also, all items comes hazmat packed, labled correctly as what they are, and pass thru customs fine, they had even kitty litter packed the monomer.

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