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Feb 14, 2024
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Hi everyone,
I am looking to change career and hoping to start a training course in Electrolysis.

I have been in touch with Sterex, who offer a training course, however, I don’t have any relevant qualifications as such (only a Level 2 VRQ in hairdressing which I completed in 2012). Sterex have advised that I can complete a level 3 Anatomy and physiology course, which would allow me to take the course, and which would satisfy the requirements of the awarding body.

I have looked into finding a suitable A and P course, but it’s a minefield! Can anyone recommend a good course, which is accredited by an appropriate organisation? Or any advice as to what I should look out for?

Additionally, I have been advised that some insurance providers require a level 3 beauty qualification, in addition to specific electrolysis training, before providing insurance. In other words, completion of an A and P level three isn’t sufficient?

I have seen online a level three course in Beauty management- I wonder if this would be a possible work around?

Thank you so much for any advice!
Hi Emmabubbles88,

Welcome to the forum. I have had the most rewarding results with electrolysis during my career and I found that it was either something you loved doing or something you hated doing. It has stood the test of time and has many uses, so good on you.

I can't comment on the Beauty management course as I have no experience in that side. it doesn't seem like the right route to me.

Take a look at Gateway Workshops A&P course for starters. It is ITEC Level 3. which is recognised in the UK and internationally. There are quality Insurance companies that are mentioned in the details.
Beauty Guild also offer an online A&P course and further training should it not be enough.
Consult with Sterex to see if they will accept the qualification and take it from there.

I am old college trained and have my beauty background. I was thinking that maybe the reason it could not be enough is that there is no practical "Facial or Body Electrics" in your experience. You will probably need to add on additional training which will give you some extra CPD points and much needed experience. I commend you in wanting to start your training and wish I could help you further.

I there a local Beauty Salon willing to have you in on a work experience? I learned a great deal from my work colleagues just by observation before I decided it was something I wanted to do.
Hope that helps.

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