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Jo Mari

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Jan 15, 2016
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When doing a basic manicure do you include exfoliation of the hands or do you exfoliate only in the luxury manicure.

Also when would you use a hand mask?? At which stage of the process and would in be in a normal manicure or only luxury..

They only covered the paraffin wax in my training but nothing was mentioned about a foot or hand mask.

Sometimes it depends which company you have chosen for your mani/pedi products as often they have their own routine to follow according to how the products work together.
A level 2 beauty qualification (mani/pedi units) should have assessed you on all the techniques such as exfoliation, mask, hard skin removal, heated mitts & boots, paraffin wax as well as the basic filing, cuticle work, hand massage etc.

Is it possible that your training was an introductory course or level 1? Perhaps there are some more sessions for you to upgrade your techniques?
Alternatively you could attend training with a specific company which would address the gaps in your initial training.
I'm sure you would pick up the 'luxury' techniques very quickly. Best wishes,
Hi Jo Mari, it might be worthwhile going back to your educator as some of the questions you have should have been covered in your training.
I studied at college and I did feel some of it could have been more in depth but we definitely got the basics of workstation set up, treatment times, order of treatments etc x

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