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Aug 14, 2013
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Hi all, looking for some advice on patch testing. It seems there are a couple of ways to do it - namely attaching glue to plaster and placing on upper arm or behind the ears, or (as advised in my training) attaching two extensions to the outer corner of one eye.

Although advised on my training to do the latter, I am concerned about instigating an allergic reaction in that area. Surely it's better to do it away from the eye?

Secondly, (for those of you that use the eyelash method) do you go through the rigmarole of lying client down, applying gel pads etc, or do you literally just get them to close their eyes while you quickly apply two lashes?

Would be interested to hear views on what you guys all do! Want to make sure I'll be doing it correctly. And before any of you ask, no I didn't go on a very good training course, and patch testing was only very briefly discussed. I am due to go on a much better course soon lol!! x
Apologies for repetition - just found the answer to some of my Q's on the forum.

However, with regards to the other bit - i.e. how you go about applying the lashes to do the patch test, if someone could respond that would be great.

I'm assuming the safest, quickest and most cost effective way of doing it would be to tape down lower lids and quickly apply. But if anyone has any other method they use that would be great.

Just thinking I want to make the whole process as hassle free as possible for the client, and also thinking I don't want to be using up gel pads on patch tests!!

Thanks :) x
You need to patch test based on what you were taught and what your insurance company states so its best to ring your insurance company and ask what they require.

To patch test I do a dot inside the elbow crease. I find this better than behind the ear as clients need to see if the area goes red/blotchy/swollen.

If you attach a lash in the outer corner the client just needs to close their eye while you attach and then just use the tweezers or a cocktail stick to hold the lashes apart so they don't stick to the bottom lashes x
i agree its best to consult with your insurance company, as mine state that eye lash glue should not come in to contact with the skin, so therefore should not be tested on the skin. So I apply 2 lashes to the outer corner.

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